Tornado in the 412 !?


If your a Pittsburgh native you will be VERY surprised to know there was a tornado here!

We are hoping EVERYONE who was involved are safe, sheltered, and healthy! (Link Below)[0]=AT0mWuOndvzRJWRP38fOptunB2PGXzuvDIt7Kw6-EtB41v2uXCQro301QK0f7hpCx8aFjpak2MsFpGoRUamwVcT88KRC-hF6KtVexJXaA-009Be2xSZRllJCm-qds-UwYOCoTbm6XbBw5pKGqG24BvDIvRbNjO2snw9J43GxnxH6FFt7eYlTJhLjVS4jDagewuOD9Q

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